The Art of Bruising

Whether you’re gearing up for Halloween or April Fools Day – they say that a little bit of makeup does a great job of suggesting a nasty fall or a whack to a limb. With clever application techniques and the right make-up, you can easily create a convincing bruise to a particular body part. Want […]

Quick Look – Facecharting

What is a face chart? Basic answer is, it’s a way for make-up artists to plan and/or design a look prior to applying the look to their client. Face charts are helpful to streamline make-up looks for a fashion show or photoshoot and is a great way to give a look a ‘test run’. Here […]

Quick Looks – Brow Block

   Many makeup styles require a different eyebrow shape than what you might already have, making it necessary to cover yours up! Whether you’re going for a fierce drag look, creating a Halloween-inspired look, or simply just spicing up your usual appearance; covering your eyebrows is relatively simple!