What Does a Special Effects Makeup Artist Do?

special effects makeup ACSM

Have you ever used makeup to transform yourself or a friend and found yourself daydreaming about being a special effects makeup artist for a living?

It’s a highly specialised and incredibly creative career – and getting started isn’t as hard as you probably think!

From Avatar to Aliens, Game of Thrones, The Grinch to awesome Halloween makeup, there are very talented people behind the scenes in showbiz creating those iconic looks.

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Which ACSM Short Course Suits You Best

ACSM_makeup short courses perth halloween makeup


Want to transform into a spooky ghoul for Halloween? Or is the glitz and glamour of a drag show more your vibe?
ACSM offer makeup short courses in Perth to brush up on a range of skills, from teen makeup workshops to advanced Halloween SFX.

Why take a makeup short course in Perth?

Short courses are a great intro to the exciting, varied world of beauty.

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Congratulations Graduates!

Staff and students all looked fabulous at the ACBT and ACSM mid-year Graduation held on 10 July 2019 at the Fraser Suites.

Congratulations to all of our graduating students and well done to our fabulous Lecturers for their expertise in training. Thanks to our guest speaker Simone Llewellyn from OzTan, who gave an inspiring talk on her journey and success in business as a Beauty Therapist.

Photo Editing – A required necessity or false advertisement?

In the make-up world, there is a collection of issues that tend to work on a rotation, such as unqualified make-up artists charging high end rates and failing to deliver safe working practices… Or make-up artists undercutting the industry by charging far less than the industry standard!

But lately, I’ve been noticing something coming up a lot more often in this Rolodex of issues within our industry, with some people sitting on one side of the proverbial fence and a majority of us on the other. And that issue is photo editing. Or correcting make-up applications to be more precise.

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