Photo Editing – A required necessity or false advertisement?

In the make-up world, there is a collection of issues that tend to work on a rotation, such as unqualified make-up artists charging high end rates and failing to deliver safe working practices… Or make-up artists undercutting the industry by charging far less than the industry standard!

But lately, I’ve been noticing something coming up a lot more often in this Rolodex of issues within our industry, with some people sitting on one side of the proverbial fence and a majority of us on the other. And that issue is photo editing. Or correcting make-up applications to be more precise. But I can hear you asking now, “Alistair! What’s the difference between someone Face Tuning their make-up work and a photographer editing the photograph?”…. And that’s a completely fair question, because it seems a lot of people don’t understand the difference. I thought I would break it down and put my two cents on the situation. But first, let’s go back to where the photo editing craze began.

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The Art of Bruising

Whether you’re gearing up for Halloween or April Fools Day – they say that a little bit of makeup does a great job of suggesting a nasty fall or a whack to a limb. With clever application techniques and the right make-up, you can easily create a convincing bruise to a particular body part.

Want to find out more?

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Quick Look – Facecharting

What is a face chart?

Basic answer is, it’s a way for make-up artists to plan and/or design a look prior to applying the look to their client. Face charts are helpful to streamline make-up looks for a fashion show or photoshoot and is a great way to give a look a ‘test run’.

Here at ACSM, our students use face charts for each and every single look they want to create – whether it be for their avant-garde assessment or their photographic make-up look.

Want to see face chart being created in real time?

Our brilliant lecturer, Alistair, created this look – check it out below!

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How to Clean Your Brushes (…and how often you should do it!)

We paint, contour, colour and brush our faces with our make-up brushes every. single. day, but how often are those brushes being cleaned? Turns out, not enough.

According to dermatologists and makeup artists, we should be soaping up our tools on a weekly basis — at least — in order to prevent bacteria buildup, which can ultimately led to unwanted breakouts. Read on to find out OUR tips on how to keep those make-up brushes squeaky clean!

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Quick Looks – Brow Block


Many makeup styles require a different eyebrow shape than what you might already have, making it necessary to cover yours up!

Whether you’re going for a fierce drag look, creating a Halloween-inspired look, or simply just spicing up your usual appearance; covering your eyebrows is relatively simple!

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